Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Anyone Dancing @ Middleton Lodge,Newton Hall Or Anywhere In Between

The majority of couples when planning their entertainment for their wedding imagine in their head that if the dance floor is full then all their guests are having a great time and the night is a success.

However, at almost every wedding there is an uncle that will never go near a dance floor in his life, someone else with maybe a disability that doesn’t enable them to dance, the drinkers that feel it’s their duty to make sure the bar staff are never bored and so on. Essentially, at many weddings you could have as many as 30% of the guests that have no intention of dancing, yet you’ll likely still want these people to enjoy the night just as much as those that like to boogie down?

Also bear in mind that often, the type of guests mentioned above, do not respond well to being pressured into a wedding dance, or made to feel guilty if they aren’t dancing, so when a DJ tells you that he guarantees everyone will be dancing, and that he can get everyone on the dance floor, is that what you really want and more importantly is that achievable.

You hire a DJ to make the event fun. It’s a common mistake that DJs make in thinking that their job is solely to keep everyone on the dance floor. If the only thing that’s fun at a wedding is dancing, then by definition, any guest who doesn’t dance, isn’t having fun! Which clearly isn’t the case, or certainly shouldn’t be. Many people that don’t want to dance still enjoy the music and the atmosphere.

As many of the happy letters I receive from previous couples testify, the dancefloor is very often busy at the weddings I’m booked at, however, I never pressure anyone into dancing or use the microphone to make anyone feel guilty if they’re not dancing, as I understand that the night can be a huge success regardless of how many of the guests are on the dancefloor. For me, it’s about creating the right atmosphere that makes it a fun night, not what percentage of the guests are dancing.

Theres is always one exception however and that is if the bride and groom have a special song to end the night with its only polite to join them onthe dancefloor before they sweep off to start their life together and you never know you may enjoy that area known as the dancefloor.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

The First Dance Ideas @ Durham Castle,Eshott Hall Or Anywhere In Between

With a dozen things on the wedding checklist, the first dance is often a last minute consideration for many couples. We all remember those Julia Roberts rom-coms with the classic, ever-romantic first dance scenes, but not every couple is sold on the idea of timeless tear-jerkers. To follow are some alternative ideas to help couples break away from the customary first dance and plan something different and unique.

Be Rebellious

It goes without saying that your wedding is all about you. Don’t be afraid to ignore the lovey-dovey classics and embrace your own musical taste. Whether you decide to raise eyebrows with some heavy metal, unleash your inner Sid Vicious and hidden tattoos, or go head to head in a rap-off to your favourite rap song, guests are sure to be entertained if the happy couple are enjoying too.

Plan A Routine

 For an element of surprise, why not dazzle your guests with a fancy dance routine? You don’t have to be a professional to master the robot or do the twist.

Create A Medley

For couples who just can’t decide on that one special song, crafting a medley or mashup of favourite songs could be the perfect solution. If deejaying is not your strong point, hiring a professional DJ who will be able to turn your selected tunes into a sleek medley is a must.

Involve your Guests

Some couples shy away from the limelight, and will dread the notion of the compulsory first dance. If you and your partner find yourselves anticipating the moment with fear, take a different approach: shrug off any awkwardness by getting your guests up and dancing too! For those that like cheese, Gangnam Style, the Cha Cha Slide, and even the conga can be crowd pleasers, and will help get your guests in high spirits for that lively wedding disco.

Other Things To Consider

When choosing your first dance song, be it a timeless classic or something alternative, here are a few things to bear in mind:
  • Length of song. While you may enjoy a song with a ten minute drum solo, it could become a bit tedious for your guests. Opting for something short and sweet is usually a good idea.
  • Your dress. Despite picturing yourself jiving and jumping into the jazz splits, your outfits may be too restrictive. Consider alternative party outfits following the ceremony.
  • The lyrics. Pay attention to the lyrics of your chosen song, and ensure they are suitable for everyone present, especially your grandmother!
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