Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Playlists For A Wedding Are They Necessary ?

Just a little story to example that sometimes its good to take time out to consider compiling a playlist or if you are a guest making an on line request.

As a quick explanation all clients that book me get access to a music database whereby the bride and groom are able to compile a playlist of songs to be played at their Wedding and they also get information to pass onto their evening guests whereby each guest can choose one or two songs that can be played at the evening Wedding reception.

At a recent Wedding a guest asked me for music from the film Frozen a film I have never seen and therefore have no knowledge of the music I then asked the guest what the track was called and they went on to explain the scene it was from.

I had to accept defeat on that one to which the guest  said "I had the link to choose a song online but never got round to it".

The next request was from another guest who asked for Luther Vandross - 'Dance With My Father'
this was on the brides  Do Not Playlist the reason for this was a very personal one.

Can you imagine if I had played this song!

Food for thought.